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Adobe Photoshop Tips and Tricks

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Adobe Photoshop Tips and Tricks

Adobe Photoshop Tips and Tricks (Volume One)

Photoshop Tips and Tricks Bundle Package (1 of 6 VOLUME)
Photoshop Tips and Tricks Volume One (1)
Running Time: 2 hours, 11 minutes


compilation is the first in a series of Photoshop Tips and Tricks
tutorials that have been featured in our WatchandLearnPhotoshop.com
newsletter. This collection of Photoshop tutorials is a must have for
any Photoshop enthusiast.

Photoshop Tips & Tricks, Volume 1
compilation is the first in a series of Photoshop Tips and Tricks
tutorials that have been featured in our WatchandLearnPhotoshop.com
newsletter. It contains topics such as 3D Reflection Effect, Making
Your Pictures Glow, Grunge Text Effect and more!

Detailed Video Descriptions

1 - 3D Reflection Effect (Running Time: 7:16)
effect is identical to the effect shown in video 7, except that in this
video, you'll learn how to create a reflection for a 3-dimensional

2 - Censoring an Image (Running Time: 2:53)
If you've
ever seen the televsion show "Cops", you've seen video footage of
someone being shoved into a police car with their faces censored out of
the video. In this video, you'll learn how to create a similar effect
in Photoshop.

3 - Color Adjustment (Running Time: 4:14)
Got a
photograph with colors that just don't look quite right? In this video,
you'll learn how to bring out the colors that were supposed to be in
your image to begin with.

4 - Creating a Wooden Frame (Running Time: 7:25)
As you may have guess, this tutorial teaches you how to create a wooden frame for your pictures in Photoshop.

5 - Glossy Reflection on Text (Running Time: 7:11)
this video, Craig will show you how to create that glossy reflective
effect that you see on so many logos and websites. This effect is very
simple to accomplish, and it adds so much to your text and your

6 - Making Your Pictures Glow (Running Time: 3:35)
In this tutorial, you'll learn a very simple method for adding a custom diffuse glow effect to your images in Photoshop.

7 - Gradual Focus Change (Running Time: 5:42)
this video, Craig shows you how to add a little depth to your landscape
photos by creating a gradual focus change, where the image gradually
blurs as it moves towards the background.

8 - Creating Grassy Fields (Running Time: 9:42)
this video tutorial, Craig will show you how to create a very realistic
grassy field scene from scratch using Photoshop's Filters and Brush

9 - Grunge Text Effect (Running Time: 6:01)
In this video, Craig will show you how to create a popular grunge text effect in Photoshop.

10 - Converting Your Photos to Ink Sketches (Running Time: 4:12)
"sketch" filter has it's limitations, so in this video, Craig shows you
how to take a photograph and convert it into an ink sketch by hand.

11 - Creating Realistic Lightning (Running Time: 7:01)
amazing what a few filters and adjustments can do in Photoshop. In this
video, you'll learn a few steps that will great a very realistic
lightning effect.

12 - Ancient Map Effect (Running Time: 8:10)
worry! You won't have to draw all the roads and boundaries yourself. In
this tutorial, Craig will show you how to take a plain map and
transform it into an amazing ancient map with wrinkles, tears, burns,
and holes.

13 - Matching Color Between Photographs (Running Time: 4:29)
when taking multiple photographs of a subject, you'll find that the
color is off in some of them. If this occurs, fear not! Craig will show
you how to fix this problem with Photoshop's color matching tools.

14 - Custom Motion Blur (Running Time: 4:44)
only so much that the "motion blur" filter can do for you in Photoshop.
In this video, Craig will show you how to create your own motion blur
by hand.

15 - Panorama (Running Time: 10:16)
Ever wanted to
piece a series of images together to make a panoramic shot? In this
video, Craig will show you how to do so flawlessly, so that you can't
tell where one image ends and the next one begins.

16 - Perspective Cropping (Running Time: 2:31)
a photograph of framed artwork can be a pain, especially if there's a
layer of glass in front of the art. Unless you have perfect lighting or
a camera with manual controls, you'll often end up with a bright flash
covering up the art work. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use
perspective cropping to get around this problem. (Warning: Don't even
take the picture until you view this tutorial.) .

17 - Blurring the Background of a Picture (Running Time: 6:09)
you can really make a picture come alive by blurring out the background
and keeping the foreground in focus. This video will teach you how to
do just that.

18 - Creating a Planet (Running Time: 9:00)
In this video, you'll learn how to create an amazingly realistic planet in just a few simple steps

19 - Plastic Text Effect (Running Time: 6:00)
This self-explanatory tip will teach you one of many methods used to create a 3-dimensional plastic texture for your text.

20 - Reflection Effect (Running Time: 14:22)
this video, Craig will teach you a quick and easy way to create a
reflection effect that gives your logo or graphic a little more depth
and a lot more appeal.

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