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Bohot Afsos Hua Beti Huyi Hai…

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Bohot Afsos Hua Beti Huyi Hai…

Woman: Hello! Haan bhai kya hua hai?
Man (embarrassed): Khaala… beti huyi hai!

Woman: Hain? Acha… chalo koi baat nahin. Allah behtari karega…

Waah khaala! Naa mubaarki di naa hee dua, aapne toh accha khaasa pursa dediya. The meaning of what khaala said was actually “SORRY, TRY AGAIN”. This is the attitude that now a days most of us have for daughters. Sometimes I feel privileged enough to be born as a man when I see the double standards in our society. I have seen many families going to all kinds of different mazaars praying to have a son in their families. Just like we have cars, houses and cellphones as status symbols, another status symbol is having a son. The daughter in law who gives birth to a son will be highly respected among all the relatives in comparison to the one that has daughters. I am against all the people who think of daughters as a “zehmat” whereas a daughter is a “rehmat” by almighty Allah.

I will only give one example that will outweigh each and everything that people say against daughters. Rasool Allah’s (SAW) “daughter” Hazrat Fatima is given the highest regard in comparison to all the other women in Islam and she is an exemplar for all men and women. Prophet Mohammad (SAW) had three sons that did not live long whereas all four of his daughters survived, so couldn’t he have asked Allah for a living son? Agar betion se zyada ehmiyat beton ki hai toh Allah ne Rasool Allah (SAW) ki chaar betion ke bajaaye unke beton ko lambi zindagi kyun nahin di? This is because daughters are a gift from Allah.

I have seen people walking bare foot to different mosques and mazaars just in order to have a son; I have seen many types of Pirs in Pakistan who only specialize in giving taaveez for having a son. Why do we have such double standards? Why don’t we respect and regard women as much as we respect men? Why do parents only ask Allah for a son? There is a very important saying that I heard somewhere, “Son is son till wife, but daughter is daughter till life.” This saying is absolutely true because a daughter always respects her parents no matter how far she lives and no matter how many responsibilities she has.

I am definitely not saying that sons do not take care of their parents, but the biggest problem and I would say that the biggest “azaab” that we are facing these days are because we do not treat women fairly and equally.

Islam has given equal rights to men and women but many of us use Islam in order to take away all the rights of our women. On the Day of Judgment, Allah won’t send someone to heaven if he’s a man or send someone to hell because she is a woman, if Allah doesn’t discriminate, who are we to do so? Parents who ask Allah for sons and show resentment towards daughters face the biggest azaabs given by Allah. Maybe this is why we see more and more elderly homes now a days where sons leave their old parents and go away forever. Almost all the parents living in such centers are brought there by their sons whereas a daughter would never do such a lowly act.

The basic issue that I want to highlight is that when Allah or Rasool Allah (SAW) didn’t discriminate between men and women, who are we to do so? Why are we killing women on the name of honour? Why are we using women as reasons to fight among different groups? Why are we ashamed to tell people that our wives have given birth to a daughter? Nauzubillah do we think that we superior than Allah and his Rasool? Just think about where we are going in this society… having a son doesn’t mean having a secured future! Do not give options to Allah when asking for a child… asking for a healthy child should be your priority! Just finish the discrimination and genderization against women! In 1947, men and women fought for Pakistan together. Women made posters, placards, banners for the rallies of Muslim League. Fatima Jinnah always supported Quaid I Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah with each and everything that he did. We can always see her with Quaid I Azam in each and every speech, meeting and/ or conference. Men and women together made Pakistan and they can together save Pakistan too! Agar aaj Pakistan ko EK dekhna chahte ho toh pehle EK jaisa sulook karna seekho!

This is for all men who are very proud to be men: Apne mard hone par ghamand karna chorhdo! Tumhein paida karne waali bhi aurat hee thi aur agar aurat naa hoti toh tum naa hote! Aenda kabhi yeh kehne se pehle ke aurtein kuch nahin karsakteen, yeh zaroor sochlena ke agar woh tumhein paida karsakti hain, toh baaki sab kuch bhi karsakti hain…

WRITTEN BY – Zain Raza

............................. xxx .............................

Don't walk as you are king, walk as you don't care who the king is....!!

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