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Zoner Photo Studio Pro

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Zoner Photo Studio Pro

Take control of your digital photos with Zoner Photo Studio
Professional. Acquiring photos from your camera, your scanner, and even
your screen has never been easier. Have fun organizing and browsing
through your digital memories. With Zoner Photo Studio, you’ll be
editing and personalizing your photos with special effects and even
advanced functions like HDR processing. Wow your family and friends
with 3D photos and impressive panoramas! Process RAW files conveniently
and easily with an interface designed specially for photo enthusiasts.

you are sharing pictures with your family and friends or publishing to
a web gallery, Zoner Photo Studio has the tools for you. Many options
are available to help you organize and store your photos on external
drives, DVDs, and other media. You'll benefit from full support for SSE
and MMX processor technologies and powerful multi-core processors.
48-bit color depth ensures you get the highest photo quality, and the
color management support is outstanding!

Features. New features are marked with an asterisk (*).

· Viewer window, for quickly viewing many pictures
· fully scalable; support for Windows XP and Windows Vista themes and Windows-independent color schemes *
· Editor, etc. windows are now tabs within main window *
· context-sensitive help
· program-wide support for fullscreen display*
· full Unicode support
· independent Preview and Information windows
· custom keyboard shortcuts for menu items
· Browser and Editor menu items of user's choice can be hidden to reduce clutter
· configurable toolbars in Browser and Editor
· custom toolbars in Browser and Editor
· color sliders in editing windows
· showable/hidable items in Information window
· differing icons for associated files based on their file types
· monitor calibration window
· savable/loadable environment settings
· unified window for administration of editing-window presets
picture thumbnails and previews, thumbnail preloading up to end of
folder, folder contents preview, thumbnailing for PDF, EPS, and PS
documents (if Ghostscript is installed)*
· histogram view configurable via right-click menu (size, look, channels, etc.)
· blowout warning via an icon in the histogram
· display of extended information beneath thumbnails
· folder icons can be modified directly
· customizable tooltips
· quick-launch of programs of user's choice via right-click menu
· visited folder history
advanced work with files: window for copying/moving files (shows
progress and speed and warns against overwrites);
copying/moving/renaming from Editor and slideshows; renaming in Compare
Images window and overwrite warning window; copying and moving can take
place in the background
· thumbnails stored in JPEG, TIFF, PSD and RAW files can be leveraged by program; can add thumbnails into JPEG and TIFF files
· improved verification and installation of new builds from directly inside the program
· first-launch wizard

Acquiring Pictures
downloading of digital photos from connected devices that support USB
Mass Storage, options to download newer pictures only, automatically
add author/copyright EXIF data, and autosort downloaded pictures into
folders based on date of downloading/picture-taken date
· a RAW
module for queued processing of RAW/DNG files, with settings groups for
exposure, white balance, sharpening, curves, colors, noise reduction,
rotation, HDR, color correction, and grayscale conversion
· acquisition of the pictures inside a PDF*
· extraction of JPEGs out of files of any kind*
· downloading over the WIA interface
· cooperation with an external DNG convertor (full-quality conversion for majority of RAW subformats)
· conversion of DNG/RAW formats
· support for picture information even for DNG pictures
· full support for HD Photo format (formerly named Windows Media Photo)
· direct support for CRW/CR2 and NEF files, via the Acquire from DNG/RAW function
support for JPEG 2000 Codestream, the "portable bitmap" format group
(PNM, PPM, PAM, PBM, and PGM), Photoshop's PSB format, WBMP
("wireless") format, and ICO files, including those containing PNG
· scanning over the TWAIN interface
· copying of pictures from the Windows clipboard
· advanced screen capture, including ability to capture only selected interface elements
· downloading of pictures from the Web

Work in the Editor
· Editing Layer: work with a mask; editable selections
· savable presets for tools*
· Magnetic Lasso and Elliptical Selection selection tools
· savable and loadable selections*
· Border and Fill functions for selections*
· Droste Effect–a picture that repeats inside itself*
· automatic red eye reduction tool
· Morphing Mesh tool for locally distorting a picture
· resizing of the current selection in the Editor
· optional snapping to edges for selection tools
· gradient filter
· support for pressure-sensitive tablets
· support for "windowless" previews in editing functions
· effect brush - "painting on" of changes to brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness
· for a significant change to the tinting and brightness of a photograph
· function for creating a new black canvas with a chosen size and background
Place Image tool—for placing part of one picture into another; supports
free rotation, resizing, and other transformations on top of the target
picture*, can receive a shadow*
· cropping, including cropping to
predefined or custom ratios/sizes, smart selection of
portrait/landscape crop areas, and automatic fitting of the crop area
to a ratio of sides
· rectangular selection tool, lasso, polygonal
lasso, and magic wand, for selecting part of a picture, antialiasing
support, arrow-key selection panning*
· iron tool for smoothening fine details
· fill and brush tools
· multi-step Undo/Redo
· horizon and vertical straightening
· tool for fixing problems with collinearity (tumbling lines)
· perspective correction tool
· clone stamp for retouching pictures
configurable default zoom (fit to window, fit one side, or 1:1); zoom
can be locked so it does not change while moving among pictures
· display of active focusing points for not-yet-edited pictures from Canon cameras

Basic Picture Editing Functions
· advanced resizing algorithms (Lanczos, Mitchell, etc.) with option for resharpening
· rotation – by 90° or 180°, by increments of 0,1 °, to landscape/portrait, and to EXIF
· automatic rotation to match EXIF flag during work with pictures - opening in Editor, browsing, Web export
· adding of frames and inner and outer borders
· horizontal and vertical flipping
· format conversion
· canvas size function
· splitting and joining of multi-page TIFF files
· support for viewing DICOM files

Picture Enhancement Functions
· Quick Fix function
· improved automatic red eye reduction tool
· HDR (High Dynamic Range) support - joining of multiple photos of one scene with various exposure levels
· editing of color levels, brightness, and contrast (including automatic enhancement); gamma correction
· "Batch Filters" (customizable sequences of edits)
· support for 48-bit color in most picture editing functions
· curves function for advanced histogram editing; fields for entering curve input/output values
automatic balancing of whites, hue, saturation, and lightness; all of
these in either normal mode or lights-only or shadows-only modes
· color temperature editing, including manual setting of white and gray points using an eyedropper
automatic exposure enhancement, white balance, enhancement for low and
high contrast, and enhancement for overexposure and underexposure;
lights-only and shadows-only modes for all of these edits
· combined
edits window ("Enhance Image"): histogram balancing, histogram
balancing based on RGB channels, shadow enhancements; all in
normal/lights/shadows modes
· sharpening, unsharp mask; special Sharpen window
· blurring, including advanced types such as directional, rotational, and zoom
· always-at-hand display of histogram, blowout, and underexposure
· shadow brightening
· noise reduction
· deinterlacing
· barrel distortion correction
· antivignetting and vignetting
· chromatic aberration correction

Picture Effects
· support for Adobe Photoshop plug-in modules in the Editor
· Soft Contours function*
· Shift Colors function*
· color toning
Place Text function; can utilize EXIF data and other picture
information; supports relative font sizes and multi-line text,
including alignments and line spacing
· Place Image function
· channel mixing
· grayscale, including several modes
· artistic effects - explosion, oil painting, waves, pencil drawing, pixelization
· embossing, contour detection, antique photo, and negative
· Envelopes function (including Postage Stamp and Puzzle envelopes) and 3D buttons
· soft shadows and transparent borders
· Add Film Grain function

Organizing Pictures
· direct reading of GPS coordinates from Google Earth
· the Catalog – virtual sorting of photos by their year, month, and date*
· export to the KML and KMZ formats, including pictures for Google Earth
· support for assigning GPS coordinates, including KML import via the Clipboard
· automatic sorting of pictures into folders based on their picture information
· file statistics based on information in metadata (focal length, ISO, etc.)
· panel with "Where are my photos" information when user is in empty Pictures folder
· support for custom picture information types
· expanded searching and filtering by all text information
· colored labels for marking photos
· function for comparing pictures
· "Tiles" Browser listing mode, showing thumbnails alongside user's choice of picture information
· batch assignment of descriptions to multiple folders at once
· Search and replace for text information stored in pictures (description, author, etc.)
· Descriptions Pane for quickly and easily describing photos in the Browser and Slideshow
assigning of GPS coordinates from a GPS device's tracklog into
pictures; GPS icon to enable easy finding of GPS-enhanced pictures
while in the Browser
· direct display and reading of GPS data in OziExplorer map software
· searching and filtering via GPS data
· transfer of current coordinates among pictures via the Clipboard in the window for assigning GPS data
· picture ratings
· video previewing within thumbnails in the Browser
· smart renaming in the Browser - names are automatically offered based on analysis of previous file and folder names
· digital signatures for JPEG and TIFF pictures
· full support for EXIF up to version 2.2 and for IPTC; support for backing up EXIF and restoring it (including all "markers")
· editing of EXIF information
· media archive: database with previews and picture information for pictures on a medium, for offline browsing and searching
support for thumbnails and EXIF information for RAW subformats (Canon,
Sony, Olympus, Nikon, Minolta, Pentax, DNG - Digital Negative)
· support for Paint Shop Pro versions 6 and higher
· support for Adobe Photoshop format, including thumbnail loading
· Albums (folders containing Windows shortcuts) for preparing photo collections without needing full copies
· support for MakerNote EXIF data from Canon, Olympus, and other manufacturers
· import and export of descript.ion files; import of information from ACD™️ Systems ACDSee™️ 5
· file and folder list generator
· setting of file time/date based on EXIF time/date; date shifting (useful e.g. for pictures from cameras with badly set time)
keyword support, keyword category support (tree structure), EXIF notes
and audio notes, reading in of keyword list from pictures themselves,
dragging and dropping of keywords onto files in the Browser
searching, filtering, sorting, selection of media based on any
information, including EXIF information like the ISO, exposure time,
shutter, etc.)
· Browser commands for selecting all landscape or portrait pictures
· traditional Windows file operations
· batch renaming and conversion
· color management, work with color profiles, batch assignment of ICC profiles
Variable Text feature - access to practically all picture information
practically anywhere where text can be entered; many formatting
options, including bold and italics
· customizable file and folder sorting

Print and Export wizard
· new, modern Web templates
· template for direct export to Google Earth
· dynamically generated calendars, customizable holiday display
· weekly calendars
· one-line monthly calendar
· option to separate the blocks for month (or week) and month name in a template
· option to rotate and deform blocks in the calendar template
· calendar printing presets separate for each template
· customizable display of state and other holidays as "red" days or not
· contact-sheet wizard; paper-saver wizard for getting maximum picture count onto minimum number of sheets
· panorama maker for assembling a panorama from multiple shots; vertical panoramas can be made directly
· wizard for 3D pictures (anaglyphs) - can find joining points automatically
· advanced printing from the Editor (whole page, by DPI, or custom dimensions)
DVD slideshows, customizable menu, flicker suppression, support for
interlaced picture, Pan & Zoom effect, automatic chapter creation,
import of WAV, MP3, OGG, and WMA audio formats
· JPEG for Web function: (re)compresses pictures into JPEG with just enough compression to fit a chosen size limit
· burning to CD/DVD, including freely redistributable Zoner CD Viewer
· color management support for professional printing
· 260 printing templates
· full-featured post-editor for print jobs
· savable print jobs
· export of print jobs to PDF
· PDF Slideshows - presentations in the PDF format, including transition effects and soundtracks
· FTP upload
· Web gallery wizard - including savable settings and progress bar
Web albums - web galleries with support for a tree structure and
synchronization of changes, without need to repeatedly re-upload whole
· Slideshows of folder contents, including support for albums,
temporary and permanent picture rotation, custom/quick slideshows,
histogram/blowout displays, transition effects, presets, zoom level
changes, and zoom lock
· send-by-email function - can resize
pictures, convert to JPEG, add ZIP compression, check size, send to
Clipboard (for easily adding files to an existing email window), and
automatically convert to sRGB
· Windows wallpaper maker, including automatic resizing

Minimum System Requirements
· OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
· Processor: Pentium-compatible®️®️ 300+ MHz
· RAM: 512 MB
· HDD: 200 MB free disk space
· Resolution: 1024x768 High Color (TrueColor strongly recommended)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or higher and DirectX 8 or higher must be installed.

System Requirements for Advanced Work
with large photographs and panoramas has especially high memory
demands. We recommend having at least 1 GB of RAM on your computer.
convenience, we also recommend a relatively high-performance processor.
Zoner Photo Studio can take advantage of multi-core processors - if it
detects multiple cores, it automatically divides up tasks and
calculations among them.
For more convenient work, we also recommend a monitor resolution than the minimum given above.

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